What is the Problem?

Dating can be really fun and exciting. But sometimes it feels like too much drama. So how can you tell when the drama crosses over into dating violence? Teen dating violence includes things like when:

  • A person tries to control what their bf/gf does, what they wear, whom they can hang out with, and where they can go.
  • A person calls their bf/gf names and embarrasses them in front of other people.
  • A person goes through their bf/gf’s cell, email, and breaks into their online profiles.
  • A person tries to make their bf/gf do things they don’t want to do.
  • A person physically hurts their bf/gf on purpose.

What is Keep It Strong ATL?

Sometimes it can be hard to talk about dating violence. That’s where Keep It Strong ATL comes in. Part of Start Strong Atlanta, Keep It Strong ATL is a virtual community where teens can express themselves, share ideas, connect with other teens, and pick up skills for building healthy relationships.

Teens need to keep it real when they talk about relationships. Keep It Strong ATL wants you to decide how to keep it with the people you date. Keep it real, Keep it fun, Keep it happy, and Keep It Strong.

On Keep It Strong ATL, teens can:

  • Talk with other teens about dating and relationships
  • See what other teens are saying about dating and dating violence
  • Learn how to recognize the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship and what to do about it
  • Check out songs and recording artists that support healthy relationships
  • Upload pics and videos showing how they Keep it Strong

What is Start Strong Atlanta?

Start Strong Atlanta is part of a national effort by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to prevent and end teen dating violence and abuse. Based at the Jane Fonda Center at Emory University School of Medicine, Start Strong Atlanta is a collaboration of community agencies with the mission of helping teens build healthy relationships. (For more info on Start Strong in other cities, go to www.startstrongteens.org).

Visit our Start Strong Atlanta Community Agencies:

Our Educational Partner

The Ben Marion Institute for Social Justice

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