Each relationship is unique, but all healthy relationships have few things in common. In a healthy relationship there should be trust, support, equality, and it should be fun. Take the quiz from the Boston Public Health Commission below, and find out healthy your relationship is!

Healthy Relationship Quiz


Considers partner’s likes and dislikes when making plans?

Shares things he/she likes about their partner?

Supports partner in setting and meeting personal and school goals?

Encourages partner to be the person they want to be?

Comforts partner when upset, sad, frustrated, etc.?

Asks for and listens to partner’s point of view (even when having a disagreement)?

Respects partner’s need for alone time?

Treats partner’s property/belongings well?

Treats partner as an equal?

Respects online privacy (Facebook, e-mail, text messages etc)?

Respects decisions around sex?

Admits mistakes?

Okay with partner spending time with family and friends?

Trusts that partner is being honest about his/her actions and activities?

Cares if the other person has fun when going out?

Communicates respectfully both publicly and privately?

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