2nd & Maybe even 3rd Chances??

Its a New Year, However do you feel as if someone deserves a second chance?? Are you being faced with this situation?? If so let us know whats going on and we can help.

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5 Responses to “2nd & Maybe even 3rd Chances??”

  1. Taylor_May says:

    So I’ve dated this boy twice, and I still like him. The problem is I have feelings for him but don’t know whether to try a relationship again.? I mean we’ve been through alot, he’s lied to me many times before but I don’t know what to do… Suggestions?

    • Anna says:

      Has he come to you about trying a relationship again too? I personally believe in second chances because people do change, but you have to make sure you’re not setting yourself up to be hurt again. There’s no point in putting yourself on the line for a relationship only one of you really cares about and setting yourself up to be lied to again. Just take a moment to think about the reason you guys broke up the first two times and think about whether you think it can be fixed. Then, if you think so, make sure you talk to him and see where he stands and if he’s willing to work for a relationship again.

  2. kaylynne nashae says:

    so ive been in athis relationship for the longest breake ups back together back and forth see weve been together for 3 years two months but is it so wrong i gave him so many chances that we spent 3 years together arguing over stupid stuff but relizing that we were meant to be even though it says let the one you love go and if he comes back its meant too be !!! ive always thought what i have but what i could do better if i ever can do bettter but i love him he is my first love and i think my last love bkuz i wanna be wid him forever weve been together since 6th grade !!! so yeahhh!!!


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