Are You Being Controlled??

The person that your with wants the best for you, however at times you may feel as if your being controll. How would you solve this problem?

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3 Responses to “Are You Being Controlled??”

  1. myieshasmith says:

    Let him know that you feel like you are in an uncomfortable position and that he needs to calm down. Let him know that if you guys can’t agree to disagree then there is no reason for you guys to be together or talking.

  2. Beverly Boyd says:

    The best way to solve this problem is to inform your partner that you are uncomfortable with the way he/she handles things with you. One thing may lead to another and this small little idea of you thinking that your partner is being controlling can turn into something big and then things can lead more into abuse. Tell your partner as soon as possible on how they make you feel and put an end to this “control” thing before things get too out of hand.

  3. chantilcoleman says:

    Good afternoon,
    The way I would go about solving and handling this situation is to speak with your partner and let them know how they are making you feel. It is best to speak with them early on in the relationship rather than letting things build up and escalate into an uncalled for situation. When one begins to show tendencies stand signs of being overly agrresive and controlling, you must truly take in what is happening. You must acknowledge what’s taking place and safely get yourself out the situation. If this does not work, it is in your best interest to report your partner’s behavior to the authorities. I hope this answers your question.

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