He needs to leave her

So my guy friend has a girlfriend but now I like him. And I know he likes me for a fact. We skype all the time and hang out at school. He’s not happy with her, and he always complains about her.

But he says he can’t break up with her because he’s afraid to hurt her. How do I get him to leave her for me?

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2 Responses to “He needs to leave her”

  1. UrbanFiasco says:

    The best advice is to just let him know that you will no longer treat him more than a friend if he does not plan on having a relationship with you. Do not allow your guy friend to treat you as a sideline.

  2. Marius says:

    So it’s no secret that relationships are about respect. With that being said, your friend and you are not only disrespecting his intimate relationship with his girlfriend, but he is also disrespecting his friendship with you. He may not be happy with her, and a tad bit annoyed, but that’s something that should be settled between them, you shouldn’t solve to fix this by “stealing” him. Put your self in her shoes, and it will ultimately lead you to a more mature decision.

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