I have a right to know

I ask my girlfriend where she is and who she’s with all the time. I think it’s weird when I don’t know. She’s my girlfriend. But she gets mad when I ask. I have a right to know, right?

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  1. laurenclarke says:

    Yes, she is your girlfriend but you have to remember you are not her father. I understand that you do care about her, but if you continually to ask where she is and who she’s with all the time, it may becoming annoying to her. Asking those questions all the time are also signs of control issues, so you may want to watch out about that. If you trust your girlfriend, there is no need to know her every move but these questions can be asked in a moderate amount. If you have to repeatedly ask these questions there may be trust issues in the relationship. sit down and set boundary lines.

  2. trexzeigler says:

    There is a difference between caring about someone and being possesive. People need their own space. Maybe you two should talk about the boundaries that you have and the expectations you have for your partner. If this is someone you really care about you should be able to communicate your concerns without following her every move like a personal GPS. My suggestion is that you begin to build trust with your partner so you dont feel the need to know where she is all the time.

  3. TaletheaJ says:

    Yes, you have the right know her where abouts but you cant force her to respond. Females as well as males need personal space, if she becomes annoyed she may begin to push away from you or may even begin to feel as if you dont trust her and everyone especially in a relationship wants to be trusted… just a little thought

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