Love over text?

My BFF moved about an hour away, and wants to set me up with this guy she knows in her new neighborhood.

She gave him my number and we’ve been texting, but we never met in person.

He says he loves me, and I swear I love him too. Is this even possible?

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2 Responses to “Love over text?”

  1. Mel says:

    Well, in my eyes you guys must really have a connection. You know what they say it’s not whats on the outside but, what’s inside and I think you love the person that he is. I mean looks don’t mean anything but, in certain situations people make a big deal about it and, potentially hurt the other person’s feelings. So I say yes, it can very much so be possible because, when it comes to love, anything is possible.

  2. trexzeigler says:

    I agree with Mel, this could be possible. But love is a strong word, make sure this is really someone you truly care about before you say that you love them.

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