My girl on TV???

It’s almost summer, and my girlfriend found a job being an extra in one of the shows that’s taped in Atlanta.

She’s really excited about it, but I’m worried that if all those hollywood guys see her they’re going to take her away. Can I tell her not to take the job?

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  1. Beverly Boyd says:

    It would be VERY wrong if you told your girlfriend NOT to take the job. If you see she’s excited, then dont ruin this opportunity for her. This is called being insecure. You should trust her and support her, whatever the case may be. Im very certain that no other guy will interfere with you two’s relationship, especially if she doesnt allow the guys to. Its all about trust and that is something you should have. Dont stress over it. You two will still be together in the end and it’s not like the show tape is going to last forever.

  2. chantilcoleman says:

    Good Evening,
    Yes, you can tell her not to take the job. However, that is her life. Her decision. She has the right to work and do what she pleases in a respectful manner. What’s so bad about her being on tv? Of course the hollywood guys will try talking to her. However, if you two have a great sense of trust, honesty, and communication, then don’t worry at all.
    You don’t want to be the reason why your girlfriend missed out on a life opportunity that may bring about great results for her life.

  3. myieshasmith says:

    Support, Trust! Those are two most of the most VITAL parts of being in a HEALTHY relationship. If you trust and love her, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t allow or like your girlfriend to go do what she loves! SUPPORT her through this don’t worry about other guys if she isn’t!

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