Other girls hitting on my boyfriend

i have a boyfriend .. i am really in love with him, but the girls at school hit on him all the time and i feel like it’s coming between us. he hasn’t really mentioned it.. i’ve noticed though. how do i approach this without him thinking that i think he’s cheating on me?

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  1. trexzeigler says:

    You should let him know how you feel about other girls hitting on him. If he loves you he will understand. Make sure you come at him in a calm way and dont imply that he is cheating on you.You have a good relationship, you have to trust him until you have reason not to. If you have some jealous feelings just dont let them take advanatage of you.

  2. TaletheaWright says:

    Honestly, the way to approach the situation is to calmly go to him and tell him how you feel and how what they are doing is making you feel. use words like trust and let him know how much you love him but dont sugar coat it. Good Luck!!!

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