Preparing for college!

You graduated high school and you’re on to college! Congratulations! What a great accomplishment and a huge step for your future.

But what about your girlfriend or boyfriend who will be attending another college in the fall?

Check out some of your options:

1) Have a great summer and part as friends in the fall

This could be great, because you have the fun and support over the summer. Someone to prepare with, knock out that summer reading list with, shop for supplies with. But it will be sad knowing that a break up is in your future.

2) Break up now, knowing you’ll have to eventually

As sad as this could be, it can be nice to have the summer to yourself. Just avoid the drama zone!

3) Stick with it, then do long distance

If your relationship is strong enough, go for it! But be careful. Don’t hide in your dorm room to call your boo when you could be making new friends or studying!

What are you going to do this summer with your sweetheart? Think about what’s best for you!

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One Response to “Preparing for college!”

  1. KeAnna says:

    preparing for college is so exciting and overwelming. i cant wait until the day i am buying and packing my things to head to college. in the meanwhile, i am going to spend time with my friends so we can have memories of our last year of childhood because after this point we are considered as young adults. going to the movies, mall, and swimming will be our plans to share our time! i cant wait
    #c/o 2013

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