Summer flings!

It’s summer!

Friends who went off to college or work last year are probably coming back to town. That could mean some old flames!

Do you plan on reconnecting with an old boyfriend or girlfriend?

Think for a second, and talk it out!

1) Why did you break up in the first place? Are those reasons still true?
2) What do you want out of the relationship?
3) Is this the best thing for you?

And don’t forget, you can have fun in the summer focusing on you, too!

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2 Responses to “Summer flings!”

  1. trexzeigler says:

    What ever the reason was that you and that person broke up was probably never resolved, that’s why you broke up. So before you just back into a relationship with an old flame, think about the reason you stopped talking in the first place. Also think about what you will do if they have to leave again at the end of the summer. If you think the good outweighs the bad then go for it but don’t rush.

  2. TaletheaWright says:

    The only reason old flames rekindle is because feelings are still there. i think if you arent dating anyone and you know what you are loking for from this fling then its completely up to the person. I also think that its a bad idea to get feelings involved with someone you know wont be around long term

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