Why do I like him when he’s mean?

This guy is super mean to me when we are around other people but when its just me and him he is super nice.

And for that I’m actually starting to like him. Am I crazy?

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3 Responses to “Why do I like him when he’s mean?”

  1. naenae33 says:

    too tell you the truth !!! i did that onece and he was rude around his friends but when it came to alone he was the nicest guy you can meet i still cant figure out why i liked him!!! and no your not craziee

  2. trexzeigler says:

    No its not your fault. He is really just putting up a front when he’s with his friends. You need someone who respects you, and not only when it is just you two alone.

  3. TaletheaWright says:

    i think that you should address him about the issue, because he may not think that his actions are hurting you. He is a guy and sometimes although he may like you guys really want to fit in and be cool with his friends. just try to talk to him and be very careful because you dont want him to think that its okay for him to treat you that way

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