Think before you hit “send”

You have your first boyfriend. He’s great! He walks you to class, is nice to your family and friends, and hangs out with you after school.

But one day he asks you to text a naked picture. You think, “Why not! I trust him! He won’t show anyone and we’re in love!”

You might be right. You might be in love, and he might not show anyone! But are you really willing to take that chance? If something went wrong, your classmates, your teachers, your parents and even complete strangers could see what you thought only he would see!

Check out this article from someone who’s sent that text, and now it’s her life’s mission to help teens learn from her mistake!

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2 Responses to “Think before you hit “send””

  1. myieshasmith says:

    YES ALWAYS ALWAYS THINK BEFORE YOU PRESS SEND, sending naked pictures, for one, is ILLEGAL and is WRONG!! You shouldn’t have to send naked pictures to you partner, if you think it’s love ITS NOT!! So think before you press send! Because if he/she couldnt respect you enough to wait for you or he/she keeps pressuring you then they dont deserve you. Always keep your partner’s as well as you best interest in mind!

  2. Marius says:

    Yeah, sexting is dangerous because once the picture is out of your hands, ESPECIALLY in this day and age, you can’t get it back or control who receives it. Also, what a lot of people don’t realize is that sexting can be a crime! If someone of age distributes or receives a picture from someone underage, this can be categorized as child pornography, which can land you in jail. Sexting is a slippery, mistake-prone route to take, it’s best to turn the other way.

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