If your friend is being abusive…

It’s hard to talk to a friend when you think his or her behavior is out of control. You want to believe them when they say you’ve got nothing to worry about and that you’re wrong.

If you have seen behavior that causes you to think they may be hurting their bf/gf, you owe it to them, and to yourself, to take a stand. It may be the hardest thing you’ve ever done… But it could make a real difference in all of your lives.

  • Be specific about what you saw and how it made you feel. “I didn’t like it when you told your girlfriend/ boyfriend they were stupid in front of all of us, and I can only imagine how it made them feel.”
  • Take a stand. “I’m not going to sit here as your friend and watch this happen and not say anything about it.
  • If you feel safe doing so, encourage your friend to talk to a counselor or an adult they trust for help.
  • Don’t cut off your friend. Listen to your friend and help them clarify their feelings.
  • Encourage them to be honest.
  • Don’t encourage or joke about abuse.Offer to get more information for your friend.

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